Chasing a Feeling - Classic Mini Posters

Those of you who have been with the channel for a long time, know that I haven't always had the biggest or fanciest workspace. I always focused on getting a DIY job done, no matter where you were working. Whether it was an apartment full-size garage, carport, driveway, or even an apartment complex balcony...
But one thing that has always been important to me is how the space you're working in, feels. How do you feel when you walk out and start tinkering on your mini? The workspace you perform your DIY jobs in is arguably just as important as the car your working on, in it.
That's why I am extremely excited to share 13 new classic mini-themed posters in collaboration with Lumei Designs. Check out each of these amazing posters to help make your workspace feel more like home.

Grab a poster for your workspace