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Emerald | Classic Mini Base Map

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Classic Mini DIY is proud to offer a Classic Mini Base ECU Map to all customers. This is the base map for any Classic Mini running EFI. This is intended to be a baseline, starting point map for those of you setting up fuel injection on your Classic Mini's. This map is intended to start your car but not operate it on the road.

What you get:

  • Emerald ECU Base Map for Emerald K Series ECUs
  • Each map comes with the following pre-configured:
    • Starting Point Ignition Timing Map
    • Starting Point VE Table - if applicable
    • Starting Point Target AFR - if applicable
    • Starting Point Throttle Enrichment - if applicable
  • Tailored to work with 45mm throttle body - Throttlebody
  • Any updates to the map will be emailed out free of charge to all customers.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PLUG-AND-PLAY MAP. You must get your car to a dyno to have it properly set up after installing this map or you can cause catastrophic damage to your engine.  

How long will it take to get my order?

Depending on the product orders are fullfilled as follows:

- RTS Clutches - RTS clutches are made to order and can take between 3-4 weeks to assemble and machine depending on current demand.
- Fuel Injection Products - EFI Orders are made to order and ship within 1-2 weeks based on current demand.
- HEL Performance Products - HEL Orders are made to order and ship within 1-2 weeks based on current demand.
- Shift Knobs 
- Shift knobs are made to order and ship within 1-2 weeks based on current demand.
- Retro Components UK Products - Orders ship within 2-3 business days
- Apparel and Accessories - Depending on location, orders ship within 2-4 business days
- Stickers- Ship between 24-48 hours

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Quality above all

Classic Mini DIY started as a Youtube channel and now has grown into a store offering OEM+ level products for the Classic Mini community. Our focus is always enhancing and improving the quality of your driving experience.


Independently Run

Classic Mini DIY has been, and always will be a completely independnet company. This allows us to provide quality products, reviews, and feedback without any bias or opinions swaying our videos.



The HEL lines installed quickly and easily. They look great in the engine bay and routing was simple as well.

Joe M.

Brilliant use of the ash tray location

Only problem I need to buy another one for the moke 👍

Bob H.

I bought mine in black heather a year or two ago and it has lasted well, great quality and a nice subtle design.

Matt C.
United Kingdom

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